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  • Common Tricks by Unscrupulous Landlords for Residential Properties

    1. Renting a place in a city like Singapore is common, both for foreigners (who do not own a place here) and locals (who need their own space) alike. In most situations, tenants just want a quiet and peaceful dwelling, and landlords just want to earn income from rental. Should be fuss free right? Well, […]

  • 2 Cases Where the Money (Itself) Did Not Justify the Suit

    1. In my website, under “Areas of Practice” / “Civil / Commercial Litigation / Claims”, I wrote: “…Ultimately, good commercial sense dictates that most of the time it is “all about the money”. It does not make sense to throw good money at something that will cost more than the potential returns. However, there are […]

  • Wills: Why You Should Engage a Lawyer in the Preparation of Your Will

    1.I am often asked, “Need lawyer one ah?” My answer (*most of the time) is, “No need! But better to have one”. Some view the role of a lawyer as a mere “form filler”. Well, I wish that our jobs were that brainless and I did not have to invest so much of my mental […]

  • Between A Rock and A Hard Place

    Between A Rock and A Hard Place: Some Hard but Necessary Decisions in a Divorce / Child Custody / Relocation Case Involving Foreign Parties A. Some Highlights 1. A recent appeal that I was involved in was reported (see VLO v. VLP [2021] SGHCF 34) [link 1]. Please also see VLO v. VLP [2021] SGFC 68 (decision appealed […]

  • Family Violence Can Happen to Anyone

    Throwback to a PPO Trial I Handled a Few Years Back: Family Violence Can Happen to Anyone 1. My clients were the parents – ie. (the father “F”and mother “M” respectively) of the adult son “X”. F and M had been physically abused by X. When the matter came to me, PPOs had already been filed by F and M […]

  • 3 Divorce Myths I (Still) Commonly Encounter

    3 Divorce Myths I (Still) Commonly Encounter 1. In my 13 years or so of practice, I have often heard clients or potential clients saying things like “…but my friend / relative / church member / random-uncle/aunty-at-the-coffee-shop said…”. Typically, I reply with a question “Is your friend a lawyer?” and am usually met with silence. 2. Very often well-meaning […]

  • Getting Into Another Relationship While Going Through Divorce: Is that Cheating? (a commentary on Mothership article dated 4 November 2021)

    See : 1. I came across this piece on Mothership on 4 November 2021. Am actually amused at the inspiration for the article, but the views espoused by the writer as well as those interviewed are very sound. This is a valid question for those going through divorce, and I have been asked so by […]

  • Divorce Procedure: How to Start Divorce Proceedings in Singapore

    1. There are 2 main parts to a divorce in Singapore – the grounds for divorce, and the Ancillary Matters (i.e. custody, care & control and access, maintenance of the child(ren), maintenance of the (ex-)wife / incapacitated husband, and division of matrimonial assets. If all issues have been agreed upon, parties can opt for Simplified […]

  • (PART 1 of 2) The Different Facades of Child Custody Cases – 10 Cases and the Important Lessons

    1. In this piece, I am sharing a summary of a few selected matters that I have personally handled. My aim is to illustrate the many shapes and sizes that such matters come in, as well as the real challenges that come with a family breakdown involving children. Each case brought some important lessons which […]

  • (PART 2 of 2) The Different Facades of Child Custody Cases – 10 Cases and the Important Lessons

    A. Case 6 & 7: You Are “Fighting” for Your Child(ren)’s Affection, Not Your Ex-Spouse’s Demise 1. In CASE 6, I represented the father (“F”). He had previously sought a consultation on his ex-wife’s (“X”) intended relocation with the children to follow her new husband. A year later, F came back to me when X began threatening “legal […]