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  • Divorce Lawyer Singapore

    Divorce is a challenging and emotionally charged process that often requires legal expertise to navigate the complex legal landscape. In Singapore, the role of a divorce lawyer is pivotal in guiding individuals through the legal intricacies of ending a marriage. This article explores the responsibilities, qualifications, and challenges faced by divorce lawyers in Singapore, shedding […]

  • Divorce Procedures in Singapore

    Divorce, a significant life event fraught with emotional and legal complexities, is a process that involves dissolving a marriage through legal means. In Singapore, divorce procedures are governed by the Women’s Charter, and the Family Justice Courts oversee the legal intricacies involved in marital dissolution. This article provides an in-depth exploration of divorce procedures in […]

  • Grounds of Divorce in Singapore

    Singapore’s legal landscape for divorce is grounded in the Women’s Charter, providing a structured framework for marital dissolution. Understanding the grounds for divorce is paramount for individuals contemplating this significant life decision. This article delves into the various grounds for divorce in Singapore, elucidating the legal criteria that guide the dissolution of marriages in the […]

  • Role of Family & Divorce Lawyers in Singapore

    Family and divorce lawyers in Singapore play a vital role in assisting individuals facing the challenges associated with family law matters. From divorce proceedings to child custody disputes and the complexities of asset division, these legal professionals are instrumental in guiding their clients through emotionally charged and legally intricate situations. This article explores the multifaceted […]

  • Annulment in Singapore

    Annulment, a legal process distinct from divorce, provides individuals in Singapore with an alternative means of ending a marriage. This article delves into the intricacies of annulment in Singapore, exploring the legal grounds, procedural aspects, and the role of legal professionals in guiding individuals through this unique and often complex legal process. Legal Basis for […]

  • Divorce Lawyer Fees in Singapore

    Embarking on the journey of divorce is an emotionally charged and legally intricate process that often necessitates the expertise of a divorce lawyer. While the emotional toll is inevitable, it is crucial to also consider the financial aspect of hiring legal representation. This article explores the various factors influencing divorce lawyer fees in Singapore, shedding […]

  • Common Tricks by Unscrupulous Landlords for Residential Properties

    1. Renting a place in a city like Singapore is common, both for foreigners (who do not own a place here) and locals (who need their own space) alike. In most situations, tenants just want a quiet and peaceful dwelling, and landlords just want to earn income from rental. Should be fuss free right? Well, […]

  • 2 Cases Where the Money (Itself) Did Not Justify the Suit

    1. In my website, under “Areas of Practice” / “Civil / Commercial Litigation / Claims”, I wrote: “…Ultimately, good commercial sense dictates that most of the time it is “all about the money”. It does not make sense to throw good money at something that will cost more than the potential returns. However, there are […]

  • Wills: Why You Should Engage a Lawyer in the Preparation of Your Will

    1.I am often asked, “Need lawyer one ah?” My answer (*most of the time) is, “No need! But better to have one”. Some view the role of a lawyer as a mere “form filler”. Well, I wish that our jobs were that brainless and I did not have to invest so much of my mental […]

  • Between A Rock and A Hard Place

    Between A Rock and A Hard Place: Some Hard but Necessary Decisions in a Divorce / Child Custody / Relocation Case Involving Foreign Parties A. Some Highlights 1. A recent appeal that I was involved in was reported (see VLO v. VLP [2021] SGHCF 34) [link 1]. Please also see VLO v. VLP [2021] SGFC 68 (decision appealed […]